Hello, I am Adam and it’s my website where you can find some of my work.

I am a graphic artist with several years of experience who is still looking for the challenges. This allows me to expand my skills and constantly keep motivation. I like to have control over projects and improve their quality.

Since I’m dealing with graphics I have plans to create a virtual world with stunning views. I just need a little more skill and a little more time 🙂

Briefly about my work:

  • 3d graphic (models, textures, level building, lighting – generally for games)
  • 3d scans (build, baking and optimization)
  • lecturer at University of Silesia (graphic in games)


  • personal development by books, blogs, trainings etc.
  • tenis, squash, gym and basically some activity

My skillset:

  • 3ds max / maya / zBrush / 3d coat /uvLayout
  • photoshop / Quixel/ xNormal / CrazyBump
  • photoscan / 3dCatch
  • UDK / Unreal Engine 4
  • svn / perforce
  • …and others

If you want contact me please send me email: exactingoftime@gmail.com

Here You can check my CV: click

Adam Jarosz