The Farm 51 – Get Even

2017 / The Farm 51 / 3D Scans Artis / Environment Artist / Level Artist

Another screenshot from our game. This time the level City that came to me in recent months of production. My job was to create whole new lighting, set materials, fix bugs, optimize and basically make it better 🙂

Previously worked on this levels: Andrzej Dzieża.

It was important and intense project for me. I have learned a lot, worked in various positions. Through models, textures, 3D scans, lighting to finally complex deal with whole levels.

Level art gave me the awesome view of the need for coherence of the project and the importance of teamwork. The levels are always created by the entire team. On the screens, I tried to write only the things which I was dealt. Screens also come straight up from the Unreal Engine 3.

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This time other smaller levels: DarkRoom, RedRoom, Oasis and Warehouse. My job was to build this levels, lighting, materials, optimize 🙂